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Wing Dividers, Scratch Compasses & Calipers
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No. 106 - Wing Divider

The nuts on the wings are steel. Washers are of steel. The points are carefully hardened and every care is taken with the threads of the screws, which hold the legs in position on the wings. The springs are carefully tempered and are made for easy adjustment while holding the legs firmly. Made to U.S. Government Specifications. Forged steel. Fully polished.

No. 106 - Wing Divider 
Osborne NumberSize NoDescriptionMax. opening (inches)Weight each (oz)Unit of MeasureUPC No.Price ($)Qty.
106-66Wing Divider8-3/44EA5701259.24
106-88Wing Divider125EA5701461.00
106-1010Wing Divider13-3/47EA5701665.16
106-1212Wing Divider16-3/89EA5701865.36

Replacement Parts
No Description UPC No. Price Qty.
106-S Wing screw 07030 5.94
106-KN Knurled nut for Wing Divider 07028 5.94
106-BM Bar for 8 in. Wing Divider 07026 6.86
106-BL Bar for 10 in. and 12 in. Wing Divider 07024 7.58
106-SP Spring for Wing Divider 07032 3.80


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