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No. 150 - Strap End Punch

Hardened and polished edges.

No. 150 - Strap End Punch 
Osborne NumberSize (inches)DescriptionWeight each (oz)Unit of MeasureUPC No.Price ($)Qty.
150 1/41/4Strap end punch2EA0171040.96
150 3/83/8Strap end punch3EA0171240.96
150 1/21/2Strap end punch4EA0171446.18
150 5/85/8Strap end punch4EA0171646.18
150 3/43/4Strap end punch5EA0171848.53
150 7/87/8Strap end punch6EA0172048.53
150 11Strap end punch7EA0172249.17
150 1-1/81-1/8Strap end punch7EA0172452.07
150 1-1/41-1/4Strap end punch8EA0172652.07
150 1-3/81-3/8Strap end punch9EA0172852.07
150 1-1/21-1/2Strap end punch9EA0173052.07
150 1-5/81-5/8Strap end punch9EA0173252.07
150 1-3/41-3/4Strap end punch10EA0173462.06
150 1-7/81-7/8Strap end punch14EA0173562.06
150 22Strap end punch16EA0173662.06


  Notes: Classic "U" shaped cutting pattern.
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