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No. 151 - Bag or Oblong Punch

Bag or Oblong punches. Taper clearance. Polished barrel, hardened and polished edge. Used extensively by leather bag and strap manufacturers.

No. 151 - Bag or Oblong Punch 
Osborne NumberDescriptionLength (in)Width (inches)Weight each (oz)Unit of MeasureUPC No.Price ($)Qty.
151 1/4Bag or Oblong punch1/45/643EA0176043.21
151 3/8Bag or Oblong punch3/83/324EA0176243.21
151 1/2Bag or Oblong punch1/27/644EA0176443.21
151 5/8Bag or Oblong punch5/81/85EA0176643.21
151 3/4Bag or Oblong punch3/49/645EA0176843.21
151 7/8Bag or Oblong punch7/85/327EA0177043.21
151 1Bag or Oblong punch15/327EA0177256.57
151 1-1/8Bag or Oblong punch1-1/811/649EA0177458.53
151 1-1/4Bag or Oblong punch1-1/411/649EA0177658.53
151 1-3/8Bag or Oblong punch1-3/83/1610EA0177858.53
151 1-1/2Bag or Oblong punch1-1/213/6413EA0178064.40
151 1-5/8Bag or Oblong punch1-5/87/3213EA0178264.40
151 1-3/4Bag or Oblong punch1-3/47/3213EA0178468.85
151 1-7/8Bag or Oblong punch1-7/81/416EA0178668.85
151 2Bag or Oblong punch21/422EA0178868.85


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