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Rivets & Eyelet Setters
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No. 169 - Tinners Rivet Setter

Polished face, black finish, forged steel. Hardened working end.

No. 169 - Tinners Rivet Setter 
Osborne NumberDiameter of hole (inches)Copper RivetWeight each (oz)Unit of MeasureUPC No.Price ($)Qty.
169-50.14910, 115EA6723429.68


  Notes: Choose the setter with a hole diameter slightly larger than the rivet being set. Use the table provided to determine proper size of #169 Rivet Setter. Push the rivet through the hole and then turn the material over. Place burr on rivet, then use the rivet setting tool's straight hole to drive the burr down against the material. Cut the rivet off close to the burr with side or end nippers. Do not cut off flush with the burr, but leave 1/16" above the burr. The hole on the side of the rivet setter can be used to dislodge any waste that is wedged into the tool. Place the concave recess of the setter on the burr. Hold perpendicular and strike the tool forcefully, turning to the left anfd right as you strike it. This spreads the end of the rivet over the burr and rounds the end. A few extra blows from a soft face mallet can be used to flatten the rivet end if desired.
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