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Hammers, Mallets & Mauls
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No. 395 - Split Head Hammer: Nylon

Ideal for use with punches, grommet dies and wherever a cushioned blow is desired. No trouble to replace faces. Just loosen the safety nut, remove the worn face, insert replacement and tigthen. Long wearing.

No. 395 - Split Head Hammer: Nylon 
Osborne NumberDescriptionWeight each (lbs)Weight each (oz)Diameter of Face (in.)Length of Head (in.)Unit of MeasureUPC No.Price ($)Qty.
395-1NSz. 1 - Nylon181-1/43-5/8EA1109283.07
395-2NSz. 2 - Nylon201-1/24-1/4EA1109687.50
395-3NSz. 3 - Nylon2151-3/44-7/8EA11100118.08

Replacement Parts
No Description UPC No. Price Qty.
395F-1N Sz. 1 - Nylon Faces 11105 26.22
395F-2N Sz. 2 - Nylon Faces 11109 26.36
395F-3N Sz. 3 - Nylon Faces 11113 35.00


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