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Hammers, Mallets & Mauls
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No. 393 - Rawhide Mauls

Rawhide Mauls are correctly balanced. The water buffalo hides are uniquely treated for maximum durability and shock absorbance, compressed between two solid bronze flanges. Easy to handle, they strike square, deliver controlled dead blows, and are less likely to slip vs. some synthetic mauls. Made in the traditional manner with internal steel rod tanged through an oak handle.

No. 393 - Rawhide Mauls 
Osborne NumberDescriptionWeight each (lbs)Diameter of Head (in)Length of Head (in.)Overall Length (in)UPC No.Price ($)Qty.
393-1-1/2Rawhide Maul1-1/22-1/21-5/168-1/411008160.06
393-2Rawhide Maul22-3/41-5/88-3/411020181.64
393-3Rawhide Maul331-3/49-1/411022203.12
393-4Rawhide Maul43-5/82-1/41011024251.94
393-6Rawhide Maul642-1/410-3/411026285.01
393-8Rawhide Maul84-1/42-1/41111028316.55

Replacement Parts
No Description UPC No. Price Qty.
393-8 RR Rawhide Refill Only for 393-8 11038 181.14
393-6 RR Rawhide Refill Only for 393-6 11036 169.02
393-4 RR Rawhide Refill Only for 393-4 11034 153.66
393-3 RR Rawhide Refill Only for 393-3 11032 124.46
393-1-1/2 RR Rawhide Refill Only for 393-1-1/2 11006 103.06
393-2 RR Rawhide Refill Only for 393-2 11030 114.08


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