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No. 84 - Splitting Machine

This is the Original Osborne No. 84 Splitting Machine. Cast iron frame. Made from the original Newark, NJ patterns. Uses a movable twist handle to set blade depth. A locking stop can also be set to return to the same setting. The operator inserts a strap, pushes the handle forward and twists to lock in the position. When pulling leather through, the operator continues to advance the handle forward with the free hand to create a tapered skive. Machine has a round bar across the blade as a safety feature. 8" hollow ground inlaid blade.
Replacement parts also available.

No. 84 - Splitting Machine 
Osborne NumberWeight each (lbs)Unit of MeasureUPC No.Price ($)Qty.

Replacement Parts
No Description UPC No. Price Qty.
84-H Movable Handle 17051 8.96
84-B 8 in. Replacement Blade 17044 353.40
84-G Guide 17043 19.48
84-SC Blade Screw 17048 5.94
84-GB Guide Bar 17050 3.00
84-R Roller 17046 27.72


  Notes: Instruction sheet provided.
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