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No. 433 - White Waxed Tapered Handsewing Thread

Our waxed, tapered handsering threads are made from the highest quality yarns using 100% filament polyester (much stronger than cotton or linen). All threads are fiber dyed for deep coloration throughout, not just dye coated. These threads work exceptionally well with our extensive line of premium HAND SEWING NEEDLES. Sold per hank (24 individual threads). Available in 3 gauges and 2 lengths.

No. 433 - Waxed Tapered Handsewing Thread 
Osborne NumberDescriptionColorLength (in)GaugeDiameter of thread (inches)Number of strandsUPC No.Price ($)Qty.
433-60 LWaxed Tapered ThreadWhite60Light.0404121687.10
433-60 MWaxed Tapered ThreadWhite60Medium.0455121707.34
433-60 HWaxed Tapered ThreadWhite60Heavy.0557121728.40
433-72 LWaxed Tapered ThreadWhite72Light.0404121747.48
433-72 MWaxed Tapered ThreadWhite72Medium0.455121767.72
433-72 HWaxed Tapered ThreadWhite72Heavy.0557121788.84


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